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In 1989, Beryl Lyons wanted to get a book that was unavailable in this country. It was "The Principles of Riding" by the German National Equestrian Federation. So she contacted some friends and got together an order for ten copies in order to get the retail discount from the publishers and imported the book. A few months later she did the same thing for the sequel "Advanced Techniques of Dressage". Of course, then the friends asked "but can't you get this... or   that...." and so Horse Books Unlimited was born as a small home business which Beryl grew and grew.
In 2002, with one of her daughters in Cape Town and the other in Perth, Beryl found that she simply did not have time to run the business any more and, knowing Helen Divov's passion for books about horses and all about her personal collection of over 1500 volumes, she offered to sell Horse Books Unlimited to her.
Helen jumped at the offer and took over the shop in September of 2002.  She moved it to her home in Glen Austin, just north of Johannesburg and has been running it happily ever since. The shop now carries in excess of 2000 titles of books, dvds and cd-roms on all aspects of riding and horse care which include many now out of print titles which are classics and which Helen believes still need to be made available to the horse community.
Should you wish to order or have any queries, please send an email to detailing your requirements and I shall get back to you promptly.   
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